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" I know your kind! You think you can just waltz in and take our planet! But you forgot one thing; I'm my father's son! " — Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound

Gohan's name comes from the Japanese word "gohan" ( ご飯 ? , lit. "cooked rice" or "meal of any sort") , a continuation of the naming scheme of foods by Toriyama. Rice, being a grain, is not normally considered to be a vegetable, even though it is a common food. However, as the word "vegetable" is a culinary term, and not a botanical term, the name can also continue the naming scheme for Saiyan characters, which derives names from puns on vegetables. [2]

Grandpa Gohan (孫悟飯, Son Gohan ), also referred to as just Gohan , is the adoptive Human grandfather of Goku . He is often referred to as "Grandpa" Gohan to separate him from Goku's son Gohan , named in honor of him.

One of the easiest ways to include more vegetables in your diet is to add vegetables in your rice.  When your main course is a simple dish such as grilled fish,  Japanese Mixed Rice  or Takikomi Gohan (炊き込みご飯) brings up more flavors and varieties to the meal.

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